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Here's some books I'd recommend for those interested in the same subjects I am:

See MIPS RunDominic SweetmanMorgan KaufmannThe best introductory book I ever came across for any architecture.
The UNIX Programming EnvironmentBrian W. Kernighan, Rob PikePrentice HallBar-none, the best UNIX introduction I ever saw. I wish I found this when first trying to learn UNIX...
The Art of Computer ProgrammingDonald E. KnuthAddison-WesleyIf you're serious about programming, you need this set of books and fasciles.
LaTeX: A Document Preparation System (2nd ed.)Leslie LamportAddison-WesleyA good introduction, though you'll want more after this.
Advanced Compiler Design and ImplementationSteven S. MuchnickMorgan KaufmannThrow away the "Dragon" book. You need this instead!
Design of the UNIX Operating SystemMaurice J. BachPrentice HallBetter, IMO, than the Design of the 4.4 BSD Operating System by quite a margin.
UNIX(R) Systems for Modern Architectures: Symmetric Multiprocessing and Caching for Kernel ProgrammersCurt SchimmelAddison-WesleyA great book for anyone working at a low level in the system.
Games of LifeKarl SigmundPenguin USAA very easy to read book that introduces game theory with a light-hearted and pleasant tone. This books can be used for grade-school kids!
Introduction to the Theory of ComputationMichael SipserCourse TechnologyThe best introduction to computational theory and grammar parsing I've come across. Very easy to read and understand, recommended for anyone that finds their programs getting too complicated with state management.

Science Fiction/Fantasy
The Ring of Fire SeriesEric FlintBaenMature content in some, disturbing at places, but it's a good story.
The Book of the New Sun SeriesGene WolfeOrb BooksSame warning as above.
All the Way to the GallowsDavid Drake, collection of short stories, it's a wonderful and relaxing read.
SnowcrashNeal StephensonBantam BooksOkay, the beginning's a bit painful, but hey. The rest of the book is a wonderful mix of ancient religions, future possibilities, historical wrongs, and pizza delivery.

Thus Spake ZarathustraFriedrich NietzscheVariousFind a good translation, if you don't speak German. This is a wonderful novel that was twisted and re-interpreted to suit the needs of the Nazi Party during WWII. Try to see what he's really talking about. It's quite fascinating... and not about "race" or "religion" at all.
The Art of WarSun TsuVariousYou'll find many variations of the author's name, and many interpretations of his works, while looking around. It's still a good collection of advice and theory that's even being adapted for such things as business/economics as part of game theory.